Press Releases

Press Releases

Employee of the 4th Quarter

Kim Taylor, Director of Informatics has been selected as Culbertson Memorial Hospital's Employee of the 4th Quarter






Employee of the 3rd Quarter

Qwen Icenogle, Business Office has been selected Culbertson Memorial Hospital's Employee of the 3rd Quarter.





Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital To Change Hospital Logo

On May 15, 2019, Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital was contacted by trademark counsel for the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (“BCBSA”), informing administration that BCBSA has strong rights in  blue-colored crosses and because Culbertson Memorial Hospital’s cross is blue, it violated those rights.

Neither the hospital board of directors or current/previous administration of Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial hospital were previously aware of these violations. After learning about BCBSA’s trademark rights, Culbertson Memorial Hospital reached an agreement with BCBSA to phase-out its use of its blue-colored cross.

The Board of Directors and Administration at Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital are in the process of updating the hospital’s logo. In addition to avoid any further complications with the hospital logo, Culbertson Memorial Hospital will be trademarking the hospital’s new logo.

Employee of the 2nd Quarter

Nicole Franklin, Dietary Services, has been selected Culbertson Memorial Hospital's Employee of the 2nd Quarter.





Care Coordination Assures Seamless Care for Patients

Culbertson Memorial Hospital recently started a new Care Coordination program that has already begun improving the care patients receive. The program decreases Emergency Room readmissions, increases patients’ understanding of chronic conditions, improves self-management and helps patients understand the importance and proper use of their medications. One of the components is called Transition Care Management (TCM), and it helps patients after hospital discharge.

“Transition Care Management involves contacting patients when they are discharged from the hospital to see how they are doing and whether they understand their instructions,” said Kristen Campbell, RN, Patient Care Coordinator at Culbertson Memorial Hospital. “If they seem not to be improving or have symptoms that show they need to see the doctor sooner, I am able to communicate with the doctor to get them treatment faster so they do not end up back in the hospital.” TCM also involves coordination with the pharmacist at the hospital if the patient is taking complex medications, has an extensive medication list and/or needs services from the pharmacist.

Another component is Chronic Care Management (CCM). “We are currently focusing on our traditional Medicare patients, but in the future, everyone in our clinics will be able to utilize this service. It is currently done on a case-by-case basis if the patient is not covered by traditional Medicare. The provider and Care Coordinator will look at patients who are having difficulty managing their health, frequently in the ER and/or need extra education. The Care Coordinator will provide education about the patient’s chronic conditions, medications and any other health-related questions they may have. Together, the Care Coordinator and patient develop goals to handle his or her chronic condition. Patients receive a printed care plan every month that will list the set goals and how they are doing at progressing through those goals.” A CCM patient receives a visit at the clinic or the home and/or will receive a monthly telephone call from the Care Coordinator, who will then give the provider monthly updates on the patient’s progress.

The program is especially helpful for patients who do not have family nearby. Care Coordinators are able to go to patients’ appointments with them and offer help with other things, such as clarifying medical jargon.

Some examples of how Care Coordination has already begun helping patients:

  • A patient became more compliant with his medications due to the increased understanding of his need for medications and weekly reminders/check-ins.

  • A patient was on a fluid restriction protocol and was drinking from a 12-oz. glass rather than an 8-oz. glass and was not aware of the difference or that other foods that melt into liquid were considered fluid and should be tracked. This helped manage the patient’s congestive heart failure and has kept the patient out of the hospital.

  • A patient was still running a fever after discharge from the hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia and did not want to reach out to the doctor because he had an appointment a few days later and did not want to bother the staff. The Care Coordinator was able to talk with the provider and continue medications prior to the patient’s next office visit. Without this intervention, the patient could have become sicker and been re-admitted to the hospital.

  • Patients feel they are in control of their health and understand they play a major part in improving their chronic health conditions.

The Care Coordinator also works with the Emergency Room Nurse Manager on patients who are frequently in the ER. Campbell said she checks to see if a patient has a primary care provider and is able to set the patient up with one if needed. If the patient does have a provider, and the visit was for a non-emergency, she contacts the patient to find out why the Emergency Room was utilized instead of the clinic. “This will help the patient avoid unnecessary wait times that they would find when utilizing an Emergency Room visit as well as unnecessary costs,” she explained.

If you or a loved one could benefit from this program, call 217-323-2245 and ask for Kristen Campbell, email Kristen at or your family healthcare provider.

Culbertson Memorial Hospital Implements Afternoon Quiet Hours

Hospitals are not known for providing patients with uninterrupted rest and relaxation. There are assessments, tests, treatments, medication administration, housekeeping duties, and therapy. But thanks to a new ‘Quiet Time’ policy, Culbertson Memorial Hospital has designated a specific time frame each day for patients to enjoy fewer interruptions in hopes of providing a more peaceful, restful environment.

 Starting in August, from 1:00-2:30 pm, the lights are dimmed, patient doors are shut, and staff members are encouraged to avoid nonessential patient care to allow patients the opportunity to unwind, relax, and rest.

 “This was a group effort by all departments, including nursing staff, therapy, housekeeping, and ancillary staff. Our patients had very few uninterrupted, peaceful moments during their hospital stays and we knew we had to do something to improve that. We all agreed this was something patients wanted and needed and it also gives our staff a chance to regroup, and catch up on other duties like documentation,” said Rhonda Briney, RN, Med/Surg Supervisor.

 Leah Wilson, Chief Nursing Officer, also commented, “We have always had a policy to try and provide Quiet Time during the overnight hours from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am, but felt it was important to add a specific time during the day as well. Our patients have been pleased with this change. Being in the hospital is often stressful, and we not only care about a patient’s physical needs but their mental and emotional needs as well.”

 The importance of rest and sleep cannot be overestimated, even in the hospital, when it comes to healing and recovery.

Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce John Kessler has been named the new Chief

John KesslerExecutive Officer (CEO).

Mr. Kessler has served over 18 years in management positions, first working at Mercy Hospital in Washington, MO, and then being named Chief Operating Officer of Lincoln County Medical Center, now Mercy Hospital, of which he converted a 61-bed hospital into a critical access hospital. From there, Mr. Kessler went to Memorial Hospital in Belleville, IL, serving as VP of General Services, and then as VP of Ancillary Services. Following a brief stint with Express Scripts, he accepted the CEO position at Salem Township Hospital.

Mr. Kessler brings years of experience in strategic planning, process improvement, physician relations and recruitment, and staff development to Culbertson. “I have always enjoyed small town healthcare and the personal level of care each patient is able to receive. It is important in my role as CEO to make sure we are connecting our community with the services they need and that our staff is providing quality, consistent care to every patient,” Kessler said. “I believe in focusing on accountability and results to ensure our employees are working towards the same goal. I look forward to working with the employees, medical staff and board of directors at Culbertson to improve the delivery of care to our patients and the communities we serve.”

Culbertson Memorial Hospital Board Chairman, Gregg Snyder said, “Mr. Kessler’s extensive experience in Critical Access Hospitals, especially in Illinois, made Mr. Kessler a very unique candidate for our position. Mr. Kessler is very familiar with a hospital of our size and all of the regulations we face.”

Mr. Kessler plans to spend the next six months understanding where Culbertson Memorial Hospital has been, reviewing the previous administration's strategic plans and deciding what the hospital's goals will be moving forward. Mr. Kessler will begin his tenure on September 4, 2018.

Kaityln Haschemeyer, Nursing, Selected Employee of the 3rd Quarter

Kaitlyn HaschemeyerCulbertson Memorial Hospital has chosen Kaitlyn Haschemeyer, a Certified Nursing Assistant, as the  2018 Employee of the Third Quarter. Kaitlyn started in the housekeeping department and is now a CNA on our MedSurg Unit. This fall she will be starting her nursing program to become a Registered Nurse.

Kaitlyn was selected as the Employee of the Quarter from nominations submitted by her fellow co-workers and her patient for her positive, caring attitude. She enjoys working at Culbertson Memorial Hospital because she gets to have new patients with new problems nearly every week and that she can also help in the Emergency Department when needed. She believes that nursing allows her to learn new things every day, and the ability to meet and take care of people.

Kaitlyn and her husband Jon resides in Mt. Sterling and have two children, Elizabeth 3 and Jackson 2.


back to school physical pdf

















Shelley Dickerson, Elmer Hugh Taylor Clinic, Selected Employee of the 2nd Quarter

shelley dickerson

Culbertson Memorial Hospital has chosen Shelley Dickerson, a Certified Nursing Assistant, as the 2018 Employee of the Second Quarter. Shelley has worked at Elmer Hugh Taylor Clinic in Beardstown for the past 2 years and is currently a nurse for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Courtney Elliott.

Through nominations submitted by her fellow co-workers, as well as her desire to be a team player, Shelley was the obvious pick for Employee of the Quarter. Shelley likes that every day at the clinic is different and there is never a dull moment. She especially likes hearing back from her patients and the community when they have received great care at Taylor Clinic. Shelly states “I love the people I work with. I am excited to be a part of the pediatrics team and it’s really cool being able to watch the patients grow from being newborn to their first well-child visit to a cruising toddler.”

Shelley resides in Virginia, with her two boys Carter (9) and Cruz (6).

As Employee of the Quarter, Chris received a cash gift, Employee of the Quarter certificate, candy basket and entry for Employee of the Year award in December.

Notice to our Community Medical Clinic of Table Grove Patients:

Effective May 1st, 2018 we will no longer be offering the Vaccines for Children (VFC). 

We value our patients and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



Technology Meets Comfort

Culbertson Memorial Hospital is now offering patient-friendly MRI Services with a Signa Voyager MR System from GE Healthcare. This system was designed to help maximize comfort for patients with:

  • A 70cm wide bore for more space around youmri unit

  • Next generation clinical applications designed to reduce exam time

  • Quiet Technology to reduce acoustic noise

In addition, this new system delivers uncompromised Imaging capability to help your physician make a definitive diagnosis. Experience the balance of advanced technology and comfort during your next MRI exam.

Increased Patient Comfort 70cm wide bore, the largest on the market, eases patient fears and provides exceptional patient comfort. GE’s most advanced noise-reducing technology, SilentWorks, reduces sound levels to roughly the same as ambient noise. Breathe-free and Motion-free applications eliminate the need for breath-holds and lying still during the exam; both of which decrease the patient’s stress level. Experience an overall decrease in claustrophobia.

ENHANCED PATIENT EXPERIENCE Patients can select sound and lighting to fit their mood for a personalized experience which includes skylights, murals, and integrated music system. The increased signal allows the exam time to be shortened without compromising image quality. Experience an overall decrease in need for sedation.

INCREASED PHYSICIAN CONFIDENCE Digital Surround Technology simultaneously acquires body coil & surface coil signals for improved SNR and uniformity. Total Digital Imaging helps deliver consistently sharper images than conventional MRI systems. Post-processing is incorporated into the protocol and completely automatic. SAR can be regulated for implants requiring this type of attention.

PERFORM MORE EXAMS 550lb table weight limit. Robust configuration allows retention and growth of exam referrals rather than diverting to other MRI equipment outside your hospital. Non-contrast enhanced MRA’s, improved abdominal, pelvic and long bone imaging due to the improved signal from the enhanced coil options and digital imaging.

We feel the right MR system should offer both excellent images and a user-friendly experience. Patients should be comfortable during their scan, and you should be comfortable in making a definitive diagnosis. We feel the right MR system has arrived.

Medicaid Managed Care Plans

Illinois Medicaid Managed Care is expanding into our service area and is now called HealthChoice Illinois. The Department of Health and Family Services (HFS) Medicaid has started mailing Medicaid patients notification letters related to new HealthChoice Illinois plans. Most patients with an Illinois Medicaid medical card will be required to pick one of the following managed care plans:

  • Blue Cross Community Health Plans

  • Harmony Health Plan, Inc.

  • IlliniCare Health

  • Meridian Health Plan

  • Molina Healthcare

Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital and our Rural Health Clinics have signed contracts with each of the HealthChoice Illinois plans.
Unfortunately, as of March 12, Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital and our Rural Health Clinic Providers are not being shown as in-network. Therefore, our patients who are attempting to enroll in a HealthChoice Illinois plan cannot currently choose their current Primary Care Provider (PCP). We are also aware many of our patients may have received a letter from HealthChoice Illinois listing another provider as their new PCP.

We have been told by the Department of Healthcare & Family Services that they are behind in rostering all the contracted providers, and unfortunately, we have not been given a timeline of when this process will be completed. Please be assured that while this situation is being resolved, you may continue to see your Culbertson Memorial Hospital Rural Health Clinic Provider. We will continue to monitor this process and appreciate your patience. 

Once Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital Rural Health Clinic Providers are enrolled, we will send out another patient notification letter letting our patients know they can now call the Managed Care Plan they chose to change their Primary Care Provider over to your Culbertson Memorial Hospital Rural Health Clinic Provider. 

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Please note this change does not affect Medicare patients who have secondary Medicaid Insurance. If you have any questions about these changes please contact our Billing Department at 217/322-4321.

HealthCare Service Excellence Summit Award Winnerjim tomko

The Summit Award is the highest award of excellence presented at the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. It is awarded to qualified, innovative, and progressive individuals, teams, and healthcare facilities who have made outstanding progress.

towards improving the patient experience and staff engagement. Individuals, teams, or organizations must be nominated to be eligible for a Summit Award.

In 2017, the Summit Awards committee received over 265 nominations from 20 different healthcare organizations spanning 10 states. 54 of the nominations were chosen as Pinnacle Achievers (the best of the best), and 15 of those 54 were presented the Summit Award.

The 2017 Summit Awards are presented by Custom Learning Systems during the annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. ( The HealthCare Service Excellence Conference is dedicated to delivering evidence-based solutions to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve the overall patient experience.

Culbertson Memorial Hospital's Jim Tomko, Therapy Services, was a 2017 Pinnacle Award Recipient for a Service Excellence Advisor - First Year.

We are very proud of Jim for this amazing accomplishment!

rhonda roberts

Rhonda Roberts, Medical Records, Selected Employee of the 1st Quarter

Rhonda Roberts has been selected to be the 2018 Employee of the 1st Quarter. Rhonda has worked at Culbertson Memorial Hospital for 18 years in the Medical Records Department and is a certified coder.



Donald Sarnecki

Donald Sarnecki, 2017 Employee of the Year

Culbertson Memorial Hospital recently announced Donald Sarnecki was voted as the 2017 Employee of the Year. Donald works in Housekeeping and has been a part of the Culbertson Memorial staff for nine years. Donald is a dedicated, hard-working employee with a positive attitude. Donald enjoys working at Culbertson Memorial Hospital for the good people he encounters. He believes Housekeeping is important because they keep the hospital clean, which helps prevent infections and the spread of germs. 

Visitor Restrictions Continue Due To An Increase In Influenza Activity

According to CDC and IDPH, the influenza activity in the United States is on the rise. Due to the recent increase of positive influenza tests in Schuyler County, Culbertson Memorial Hospital will be limiting the visitors in order to help stop the spread of influenza.

New guidelines until further notice:

• No children under 12 years of age

• Only 2 visitors at a time

• Any visitor with respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath), rash, or diarrhea must not visit until all symptoms are cleared.

• If there is a critical need for a visitor with respiratory symptoms to see a patient a mask must be worn at all time while in the hospital.

• All visitors should use hand sanitizer upon entering the patient's room and prior to leaving the patient’s room.

For more information on any of the press releases above, please contact Molly Sorrell, Director of Community Relations and Marketing at 217/322-5269 or