What to Know About Laboratory Testing

November 17, 2021

Modern life often gets in the way of scheduling the regular health services we need. Admittedly, driving out of town for something as minor as a simple blood draw is an inconvenience when balancing work and family.

Thankfully, these services are available to you locally, allowing you to work in the medical services you need with minimal disruption to your everyday life. See the difference the local, patient-friendly laboratory services at Culbertson Memorial Hospital can make.

What lab services are available at Culbertson?

The Culbertson Memorial Hospital Laboratory is CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified and inspected by the Illinois Department of Public Health, ensuring a safe, clean environment, and guaranteeing testing efficacy.

Tests Available at CMH:

How to prepare

Prior to your screening, your healthcare providers will give you some instructions. For patient safety and for testing accuracy, patients must closely follow these instructions. Some tests may require you to fast before you come in. This means no food — including candy, gum, or mints — drinking (other than water), or smoking from eight to 12 hours before you arrive. Patients may continue to take medication with small amounts of water before testing unless instructed otherwise.

Patients may also be asked to sign an advanced beneficiary notice (ABN). Because Medicare will not pay for some tests considered experimental, screening, or not medically necessary, signing an ABN acknowledges that the patient agrees to take on the responsibility for payment should insurance decide not to pay. Remember — you have the right to refuse testing.

If you are receiving an HIV test, you will be asked to sign a consent form confirming your physician has explained the test to you. An HIV test will not be conducted unless the consent form is signed.

After your testing

Culbertson Memorial Hospital does not send test results directly to the patient. Results will be sent to your physician, who will contact you to go over the results and any further steps or treatments that may be necessary. Culbertson Clinic patients can also access their results on their patient portal.

While laboratory testing may seem disruptive to your everyday life, Culbertson Memorial Hospital Laboratory testing provides safe, convenient testing close to your home. Don’t let a medical screening pass by — schedule your appointment today. To learn more about the Culbertson Memorial Hospital Laboratory or to schedule a test, contact us or call (217) 322-4321.