Choosing the Right Healthcare Option

May 16, 2022

With so many options to receive fast, immediate care, choosing the right provider when you need it can seem confusing. You may often find yourself wondering, “Should I go to urgent care for this? Do I need immediate care? Or should I schedule an appointment?”

In recognition of Trauma Awareness Month, the providers at Culbertson Memorial Hospital urge you to make safe choices to reduce the number of serious injuries and illnesses in our communities. However, should you find yourself wondering where you need to go for healthcare, this helpful guide can help determine the most appropriate provider to get the care you need when you need it.

When to visit the ED

Open 24 hours, the emergency department can often seem like the most convenient place to receive after-hours care. However, visiting the ED for minor injuries or illnesses can result in long waits for you and other patients. Unless you’ve been instructed otherwise by a healthcare professional, ED visits should only be reserved for any of the following illnesses, injuries, or conditions:

When to visit your primary care provider

Your primary care provider is your best option for non-life-threatening illnesses or ongoing medical conditions. No one in healthcare knows you better — your primary care provider has your file readily available and knows your medical history. In addition to minor illnesses, contact your primary care provider for any of the following:

When to visit urgent care

Of course, sickness and injuries usually don’t revolve around your primary care provider’s schedule. When you need immediate care for minor illnesses and injuries after hours, urgent care is your best option. Urgent care providers can diagnose and treat non-life-threatening conditions when your primary care provider’s office is closed, including any of the following:

The primary care providers at the Culbertson Clinics are here to help keep you and your family safe, healthy, and happy. Learn more about our clinics or schedule an appointment today!