Now’s the Time. Advanced Care Planning.

April 16, 2020

National Healthcare Decision Day is April 16, 2020. Planning ahead makes life’s hardest moments easier to handle in the future. National Healthcare Decision Day is just one resource you can use to help you or your loved ones start to properly plan in advance of any health issues.

What is National Healthcare Decision Day?

National Healthcare Decision Day (NHDD) promotes awareness of advanced care life planning before adverse situations arise that could cause strain on surviving family and friends. Understanding these conversations can be some of the toughest to have, trustworthy healthcare providers and resourceful organizations, like NHDD, work to keep you and your family informed of all your options.

The goal is to empower people to comfortably express their wishes for end-of-life care with their loved ones, hopefully providing peace of mind for surviving friends and family.

How can I get involved with NHDD?

It’s easy to get involved with National Healthcare Decision Day! Visit the official site to learn ways to initiate these type of conversations with your loved ones. Then, find a time to gather with those you care about most to discuss and outline those plans.

What other resources can I use to start planning my advanced life care plan?

To help with advanced life care planning, you can rely on a multitude of resources to start creating your end-of-life plan. Here’s a quick list of potential resources to use:

Plus, several others listed on this page of NHDD’s site.

How is giving to the CMH Foundation an effective part of the plan?

While our expert providers and staff serve our patients with compassionate care, the CMH Foundation works to disperse our donor’s charitable gifts to help continue our mission to provide excellent care while keeping our technology and services up to date.

You or your loved ones can make a difference in the quality of our local healthcare by leaving a charitable donation or planned gift to Culbertson Memorial Hospital.

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