Tips to Keep Kids Happy & Safe This Summer

July 5, 2024

Sunshine equals fun times — don’t let your kids waste the beautiful weather this summer! The sunshine and warm temperatures are inviting your kids to leave the tablets inside and burn some energy outdoors — great, right? Outdoor activities obviously come with many benefits for your children’s physical and mental well-being, but as is the case with any physical activity, safety should be a priority. As you and your kids brainstorm some fun ways to enjoy the summer season, keep in mind some safety tips to stay happy and healthy.

Fun Activities to Try

According to the Centers for Disease Control, kids should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. That doesn’t just mean marching your kids outside for calisthenics. Physical activity can come in many fun and exciting forms for kids of all ages. Looking for inspiration? Try some of these with your kids and enjoy some fresh air together.


Staying Safe

Being active outside isn’t all fun and games though — certain safety precautions should be taken before sending your kids outside, even if they’re still at home. Follow these safety guidelines to ensure the fun goes on throughout the summer.

Enjoy the summer months — we’re here when you need us. The Culbertson Clinics provide compassionate, expert care for patients of all ages. Find a clinic near you and schedule an appointment.