Do you practice good nutrition?

March 23, 2020

Nutritional Counseling Services at Culbertson

Nutrition is the study of how our body uses the nutrients absorbed from the foods we eat. Nutritionists pull from the studies of molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to properly determine how certain nutrient intake affects the body. Understanding how your body processes food can be helpful to achieving short- and long-term healthcare goals.

What does a registered nutritionist/dietician actually do?

Nutritional services are offered by registered dieticians and nutritionists. Together with the patient, these specialized providers create a custom meal program. Plus, they help educate patients on proper meal preparation for individuals and families.

What are the benefits of using nutrition services at Culbertson?

Choosing Culbertson Memorial Hospital Nutrition Consultants presents many helpful benefits including:

Who benefits from nutrition services?

Many different types of people benefit from nutritional counseling and services. During the consultation, patients may receive help for a variety of conditions including:

How do I schedule my consultation with a Registered Dietician at Culbertson Memorial Hospital?

We offer counseling for any patient once they’ve received a physician’s referral for the service. Our Registered Dietitian is available each Wednesday for consultations.


To learn more or schedule an appointment, please contact Patient Registration at (217) 322-5271.