Occupational and Physical Therapy aren’t the same?

April 1, 2019

Do you know the difference?

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy focuses on the rehabilitation of a patient’s physical symptoms, together with the emotional need to accomplish day to day living skills. Occupational Therapy may work with people from newborn to older adults with an illness or disability to do things that are important to them (i.e. dressing, eating, preparing food, etc.) They can also work with patients who have mental illnesses or emotional conditions, which may limit one’s ability to perform daily tasks.

Occupational Therapy work to make the necessary changes to a patient’s environment, a method of doing a task, and overall mindset to help their patients live a fulfilled life regardless of the disability or illness.

What is Physical Therapy?

Both types of therapy handle the rehabilitation of any physical or cognitive disability, temporary ailment, or injury due to an accident. Physical Therapy, however, focuses on improving a patient’s ability to perform movements of the body. Physical Therapy zones in on the physical, bioscience side of an injury to treat it with guided exercises, postural training, and other techniques.

Can a patient require both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy?

Yes! A patient suffering from an injury may need Physical Therapy to help rebuild critical muscle movement before relearning key aspects to daily living in occupational therapy. For example, a person recovering from a stroke may need to rebuild lost muscle from the affected area, but only Occupational Therapy works with the patient towards reestablishing those necessary life skills.

What types of Occupational Therapy does Culbertson specialize in?

Culbertson’s Occupational Therapy team evaluate and treat patients of all ages with physical, sensory, or cognitive dysfunctions which affect their ability to function in their daily lives. From elbow, hand, and wrist injuries to training in social and self-care activities, Culbertson providers want their patients to excel beyond their physical goals and feel satisfied with their entire wellbeing. A patients ability to succeed at the job of living is the ultimate goal for each of our patients.

For a complete list of condition specializations, click here!

When does Culbertson offer Therapy Services?

The outpatient therapy department can be reached via the main office at (217) 322- 5286. Appointments are available Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

In order to qualify for therapy services, you need to have a current prescription from a licensed medical provider and be aware of what therapy coverage your health insurance offers.


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