5 Tips on Staying Active at Home or Work

February 24, 2020

No Gym, No Problem

Motivating yourself to consistently use (and pay) for the gym is sometimes more of a battle than actually working out. After a long day, it’s hard to find the energy to drive to a crowded fitness club to jump on a machine, so we’ve compiled a list of things to do at home (or work) that will keep you active!

Look to the Internet

There’s so many free workout programs and videos available online that work with your specific athletic ability and interest. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to try something new without feeling the guilt of walking away if it doesn’t quite suit you!

Walk it out!

Staying active looks different for everyone. But, a relatively easy way to stay physically engaged is by walking more! Park farther away from the store. Turn your coffee run into a coffee walk. Or, plan a social event with friends or coworkers to walk at lunch time together.

No more elevator

When you hit the mall, try to use the stairs more often than the elevator or escalator (Bonus points if you use your shopping bags as extra weights while you climb!). You can even walk up and down the stairs of your house or apartment to incorporate more exercise into your day!

Grab the basics!

On your next grocery run, head to the fitness aisle to grab some of the essentials—light dumbbells, stability ball, or a jump rope make a great start! You can even ask your friends or family for any extra gym supplies they haven’t used in a while.

Double Duty

Don’t have time to work out and attend to your endless chore list? Double up! From washing the dishes to scrubbing the floor, you can work up quite a sweat while knocking out some of the household cleaning.

Your Culbertson Memorial Hospital provider team wants you to live a healthy life! Making better eating choices, incorporating regular exercises, and scheduling yearly wellness visits help keep you in the best possible shape for a lifetime of memories!

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