The Patient Escort Program is a volunteer service aimed at improving the quality of patient care.

This Program:


The goals of the Patient Escort Program are achieved through the performance of volunteer duties, which include:

Adding a Personal Touch

Escort volunteer activities add warmth and a personalized touch to the services provided for patients and visitors at Culbertson. Escorts are in contact not only with patients, but also their families and friends, and they are encouraged to:


Orientation and Training

All escort volunteers are required to attend Care Learning sessions, just like Culbertson Memorial Hospital employees. In order to accommodate all staff and volunteers in their annual training, these sessions must be completed each year by the end of your birthday month. During the sessions, volunteers learn about hospital policies and procedures that involve HIPAA, fire safety, infection control, body mechanics, etc. Every escort volunteer must complete their first session – as well as watch a variety of training films – before beginning escort duties.

Comprehensive training for a new escort volunteer also will include a complete tour of the hospital and will cover the following topics:



Once an escort volunteer is fully trained, he or she is assigned to a once-a-week shift if available, and are asked to work the same shift each week. For example, an escort assigned to the Monday morning shift will work Monday morning each week. New escorts are scheduled based on NEED first and personal priority second. If a permanent position isn't available, volunteers are placed on a substitute list to fill the positions when needed.

Escorts are currently scheduled Monday through Friday in the Main Lobby from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Requests for escort services will be made via cordless telephone. When the escort arrives, they should remove the phone from its charging base located in the Outpatient Department. The phone should remain at the escort desk until the end of the shift. When the shift has ended, the escort on duty will place the cordless phone back on its base in the Outpatient Clinic to recharge.



As our way of saying thank you, escorts will receive a free meal from Culbertson Café during their scheduled shift.



From time to time, an escort may be asked to work an extra shift to cover for someone who is absent. Substitutes will be given as much notice as possible, with the understanding that last minute openings occur. Escorts will be asked to sub only when necessary. The volunteer staff greatly appreciates any extra help given and hopes that escorts will agree to sub whenever it is possible.