Schuyler County Hospital District will submit your claim for services with Medicare and will submit claims to one Medicare supplemental insurance company for any deductibles and/or co-insurance that may be due from the patient. If there is no Medicare supplemental insurance, any deductible and/or co-insurance that may be due from the patient will be payable following the payment schedule outlined in the Self Pay Section of this brochure.

Commercial Insurance

Schuyler County Hospital District will bill up to two insurance companies on your behalf if you have furnished the necessary insurance information. Regardless of the type of insurance coverage you have, you are ultimately responsible for payment of your medical bills. Although we will bill on your behalf and make all reasonable efforts to obtain payment from your insurance; if they reject the claim or delay payment, we will look to you for payment in full.

If your insurance company does not respond within forty-five days, we will initiate appropriate follow-up procedures with you and your insurer.

Once your insurance has paid on your account, you will receive a billing summary from us indicating the balance due from you. This balance is due and payable by you when you receive it. If at any time you wish to have an itemized bill, please contact us.

You may pay your account by cash, check or credit card. Payments can be arranged as outlined in the Self Pay Section.


Self-pay is defined as accounts for patients with no insurance as well as balances after insurance has been paid that is the patient or guarantor's responsibility. Schuyler County Hospital District expects payment in full when the balance is determined to be a self-pay account. However, if the customer is unable to make payment in full, the following payment arrangements are offered.

Balance Minimum Mo. Payment

Under $100  Balance
$100 - $499  $25 per month
$500 - $999  $50 per month
$1,000 and over Determined on a case by case basis

As an incentive to, and to aid the customer in paying their account balance in full, Schuyler County Hospital District will offer a 10% discount for payment in full within 30 days of receipt of the first statement to accounts with no insurance.

It is Schuyler County Hospital District’s intention to provide as much assistance as possible to help you pay your account in full in a timely manner.

A collection fee of a minimum of 22% will be added to all accounts turned over to a collection agency.