Uncompensated Care

Schuyler County Hospital District recognizes our responsibility to provide uncompensated care to those that qualify. As a not-for-profit entity organized as a hospital district, Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital will provide services to all persons in its service area regardless of their ability to pay.

Any person who feels they are financially unable to pay may apply for financial assistance. Persons meeting the hospital's financial assistance guidelines will be eligible for free or reduced fees based on the individual's financial resources.

Eligibility for financial assistance is determined using the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG), which are revised and published annually by the Department of Health and Human Services. The current guidelines are:

2022 Income Guidelines

Family Size Maximum Income 200%
1 $13,590 $27,180
2 $18,310 $36,620
3 $23,030 $46,060
4 $27,750 $55,500
5 $32,470 $64,940
6 $37,190 $74,380
7 $41,910 $83,820
8 $46,630 $93,260

Add $4,720 for each additional person

Schedule for Reducing Charges

Persons with a household income at or below 120% of the FPG and not eligible for Medicaid will be given care at no charge. Persons with household income more than 121% above the FPG and not eligible for Medicaid may qualify for discounted care according to the following schedule:

*Percentages are calculated on balances after all possible payers have remitted.

Persons requesting financial assistance must complete the Application for Credit or Financial Assistance. This application will require you to furnish items such as tax returns, pay stubs or other information to substantiate your family's income. The application may be obtained by contacting the Business Office Manager at (217) 322-5278.