Care for Your Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, claiming nearly 697,000 American lives in 2020, accounting for 1 in 5 deaths and claiming one life every 34 seconds. Thanks to diagnostic cardiovascular screenings at Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital, minor warning signs can be detected early before they result in more devastating health consequences.

The most effective way to get ahead of a serious heart problem is to schedule your yearly checkup with your primary care physician, and if an issue is found they can schedule the proper diagnostic cardiovascular screening test. Using a variety of procedures, physicians can recognize and diagnose warning signs, then develop a treatment plan to prevent more serious issues. Types of heart screenings include:

Diagnostic cardiac screenings at Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital require a referral from your primary care physician. To schedule your appointment or for more information, call (217) 322-4321.