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We can find it!

Our new American College of Radiology Accredited 3D Mammography System can detect breast cancer when it's smaller than you can feel with the most diligent breast self-exam.

The Culbertson Memorial Hospital Imaging department uses the Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D Breast Tomosynthesis, which received the highest performance rating in the "Best in KLAS" two years in a row - based on an annual independent survey of healthcare executives and clinicians by KLAS Research. Hologic has the only 3D system that offers the GeniusTM 3D MAMMOGRAPHYTM Exam, which is clinically proven to increase the detection of invasive cancer while reducing recalls - an enormous benefit to patients!

NOTE: Please check your insurance plan to see if 3D mammography is covered.

3d mammography system

Some facts you should know:

Mammography continues to be the best first line of defense for early breast cancer screening yet nearly one-third of American women do not get regular mammograms.

Breast cancer screening is vital for all women, especially those at higher risk due to: 

Early detection is key.

Due to the high incidence of breast cancer in the U.S. and the potential to reduce deaths when it is caught early, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends annual mammograms for women beginning at age 40.


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Source: US breast cancer statistics: