Catch Your Breath Again at the Culbertson Specialty Clinic

Breathing is one of the most fundamental elements of human life and a bodily function many take for granted, seemingly almost automatic. But for many, illnesses and conditions of the respiratory system can transform the simple act of breathing into a struggle. According to the American Lung Association (ALA), more than 34 million Americans live with a chronic lung illness like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you’re one of millions fighting just to take a deep breath, pulmonary function testing at the Culbertson Specialty Clinic can help diagnose your condition and determine the next steps.

Who Is Eligible for Pulmonary Function Testing?

Common symptoms that may merit a pulmonary function test include:

Not all patients will undergo every form of pulmonary function testing. “If your provider orders a full PFT, then you would go through all three. However, sometimes physicians order one specific test to monitor different conditions,” said Culbertson Respiratory Therapist Niki Wise. Testing is usually completed within an hour. Once testing is completed, Wise said, results are sent to a pulmonologist for interpretation, then forwarded to your provider to discuss treatment plans and next steps with you.

Types of Pulmonary Function Testing

The pulmonary function testing process consists of three noninvasive tests — spirometry, diffusion capacity testing, and lung volume testing — each measuring how well the lungs are functioning. “These tests can provide your physician with information on how well your lungs are working,” Wise said. “Based on your symptoms, your provider would recommend pulmonary function testing to develop a treatment plan or monitor your progress.”

Breathe easy again. Contact your primary care provider about your pulmonary function. To schedule an appointment, call the Culbertson Specialty Clinics at (217) 322-4321, ext. 5271.