Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents This Winter

January 11, 2023

The natural beauty of winter is hard to deny. The way the sunlight reflects off a sheet of fresh snow on a chilly winter morning is quite literally a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy season. Despite the serenity that comes with the new snow, winter weather isn’t without its hazards, as any Midwesterner will tell you. As freezing temperatures bring snowy, icy conditions, just walking around can become dangerous. This winter, be mindful of slippery surfaces and learn how you can stay safe.

Snow and ice risks

According to the Centers for Disease Control, many injuries can occur because of slipping and falling on ice-covered walkways and driveways, steps, or patios, including fractures, sprains, and strains. In some cases, injuries sustained from a fall can be fatal, particularly for those with limited mobility or in cases of head injuries sustained from a fall.

Prevent injuries

Fortunately, preventative measures can greatly reduce your risk of serious injury during the winter. As freezing temperatures bring icy conditions, remember these tips to stay safe and healthy.

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