The Great American Smokeout: Take a Stand for Your Heart Health

November 25, 2019

Your health matters, yet certain habits and behaviors could negatively impact your health goals. If you’re a smoker, consider joining The Great American Smokeout presented by the American Cancer Society. It takes time, adequate planning, and a community of supporters to help choose your long-term health over short term habits, so join the fight today for a better life tomorrow.

What is The Great American Smokeout?

On November 21, thousands of Americans across the country will begin their journey to quitting smoking and reducing their risk for cancer. More than camaraderie, this event hopes to lead people on the right path with tools and resources available when needed. It benefits everyone–of any age–to quit smoking as soon as possible, so start today!

How does smoking affect your cardiovascular health?

As you breathe air into your body, your lungs absorb it and deliver that oxygen to other vital organs via your bloodstream. But, breathing in cigarette smoke contaminates the body with over 7,000 harmful chemicals! These dangerous chemicals could damage your blood vessels and heart (or cause a buildup of plaque that blocks blood flow to key areas of the body) leading to serious cardiovascular disease (e.g., heart attack, stroke, aneurysms, hypertension, etc.).

How quickly does your heart repair after the decision to quit smoking?

According to the FDA, your body will experience almost immediate positive results after your last cigarette.

  • After 20 minutes, your heart rate drops
  • After 12 hours, the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal (allowing more oxygen to your heart and other vital organs)
  • After 4 years, your risk of stroke drops equivalent to that of a lifetime non-smoker

Where can I learn more about quitting smoking and heart health?

To join in on The Great American Smokeout, click here to sign up and learn about the latest resources and helpful tips. Remember, the event begins November 21!

For more information on your individual risk for heart disease and ways to prevent future issues, schedule an appointment with your trusted Culbertson Memorial Hospital provider as soon as possible. Contact us today!