Raise One to Men’s Health Month

June 3, 2019

It’s important to stay on top of your health. Everyone should be aware of certain diseases and illnesses that could come into play as they age or partake in risky lifestyle decisions. But, men are more prone to certain healthcare issues compared to their female counterparts. The month of June looks to help solve the problem of men’s healthcare.

What is Men’s Health Month?

Sharing the spotlight with Father’s Day, Men’s Health Month looks to raise awareness about healthcare for men and to encourage all members of the family to choose a lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating. Healthcare providers encourage men to take control of their health and for families to teach their younger boys’ healthy practices early on as to prevent certain illness or disease later.

Why do we need to bring awareness to men’s health?

Statistically, men die younger than women and are more susceptible to certain illnesses. Some more male-prone medical conditions (e.g., kidney stones, alcoholism, ulcers, certain cancers, etc.) may be prevented by a healthier lifestyle free of any high-risk behaviors like poor diet, lack of exercise, or excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs.

What can I do to help raise awareness?

An easy way to raise awareness is to participate in Wear Blue Day this June 15th. This campaign, created by Men’s Health Network, aims to start the conversation on men’s health and the many resources available to learn more. Most importantly, check in with the men in your life to make sure they know how to find the proper care or resources!

Where can I learn more about men’s health services?

Start by scheduling your yearly health checkup with one of Culbertson Memorial Hospital’s healthcare providers.  Or, stop by any of our convenient clinics for more information!