Keep the Joy in the Holiday Season.

December 8, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic in resurgence across the country, this year’s holiday season will look different than in years past. The stark reality is, with thousands of new COVID-19 cases being diagnosed daily, traveling and gathering in large groups to celebrate the holidays is not recommended.

With all these restrictions, how do you keep the joy in the holiday season?

If you have found yourself wondering how you will navigate through the holiday season safely, you’re not the only one. With so much gloom and uncertainty in the news, holiday cheer can feel as hard to come by as the latest video game console.

But don’t let this year’s challenges turn you into a Grinch just yet. There are several different ways you and your family can still have a holly jolly holiday season.

Do your shopping online.

Though going to retail stores is still allowed in Illinois, doing so may put you at risk of contracting the Coronavirus. Wherever possible, do your shopping online. Save time and have presents delivered to your home or sign up for curbside pickup. Check with local small businesses to see if they offer online purchasing options, and keep your shopping dollars local, while supporting your community.

Look for safe, socially distanced activities.

Though the nation’s leading medical professionals have assured children that Santa Claus is immune to the Coronavirus, pictures with Santa will look different this year. This season you should look for activities you and your family can do together without crowding around strangers. This includes:

Spend time outside.

In our part of the country, spending time outside around the holidays may be more challenging than in warmer climates. Even if we don’t get a wave of unseasonable warmth this year, you can still enjoy some fresh air — just a little more bundled up. Should we have any snowfall, you could go build snowmen or have a snowball fight. You can also arrange a hike through an area that you have never explored before. Don’t let the cooler weather prevent you from having a little fun.

Break gatherings into smaller visits.

The CDC guidelines recommend gatherings of no more than 10 people, but an alternative to that is to break one large gathering into several smaller visits. Instead of getting everyone together at once, visit family members one at a time and minimize the risk of exposure.

Host a virtual gathering.

The safest way to get everyone together at once is through a virtual gathering. Set up a meeting through Google, Facebook, or Zoom to chat safely with family members across the country from the comfort of everyone’s home.

Remember the reason for the season.

Though staying apart this year may be difficult, doing so will help ensure next year’s holiday is even more memorable. Just remember you’re never alone. Your friends at Culbertson Memorial Hospital have your back when it comes to health and wellness. If you feel sick and need to be evaluated, you can find one of our qualified providers here or call the Registration Department at (217) 322-4321 to make an appointment.

Where can I learn more about COVID-19?

If you need more information about COVID-19 or how to best protect yourself from contracting the virus, learn more here.