The mission of the Culbertson’s Cardiac Rehabilitation department has been the same since March 6, 1996, when our first Cardiac Rehab supervisor Vicki Reedy took care of her first patient, to reduce the risk of death from heart and lung disease and help patients resume normal daily activities. Through our mission, our goal is to support each patient in their journey to living a long and healthy life.

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What is Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation?

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation is an individually prescribed program of exercise and education that can help patients with heart and lung disease lead a healthy lifestyle. The staff at Culbertson use computerized telemetry to monitor the patient’s condition throughout each session. This specially designed equipment helps our staff know exactly how the patient’s heart and lungs are responding to exercise.

What are the benefits of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation?

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Who is eligible for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation? 

A Cardiopulmonary Rehab program is designed for patients with heart and lung disease such as:

It is also for patients who have had heart and lung procedures and/or surgery such as:

How does the program work? 

Admission to Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation requires a physician referral and order. Once the order is received our staff will meet with the patient to learn their full medical history, conduct a physical, and complete a social assessment. A personally tailored exercise program is then created for the patient along with education for both the patient and their families.

As a patient, you can expect to visit the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation unit two to three times a week. Each session includes an individually prescribed and monitored exercise program tailored to the patient’s needs, and each patient typically has access to 36 sessions. At the end of your program, patients have the option of enrolling in our maintenance program which will help them retain the conditioning they have received.

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What else do I need to know about the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation program?

We are located in the Outpatient Specialty Clinic at Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital and patients should park in front of the Infusion Center. The program is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 am until 2:30 p.m. and is closed from 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. for lunch. 

The cost of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation is based on each session attended. Private insurance and Medicare generally cover 80% of the initial 8-12 week program. Our Maintenance Program and Partners for Life programs are self-pay only. The staff at our Business Office will be happy to discuss any financial concerns you may have. They can be reached at (217) 322-5306.


What is the Partners for Life program?

For years, the cardiopulmonary department focused on helping our cardiac and pulmonary clients regain their health through a monitored exercise program. During that time, many of our clients stated other members of their family would benefit greatly from a similar exercise program, and our Partners for Life Program was established. This program is for family members of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation patients, and participants must have provider authorization and complete an evaluation process before entering the program. 



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