What to Know About Our New Infusion Center

March 8, 2022

Patients now have a more convenient way to receive the crucial, specialized infusion treatments they need. Culbertson Memorial Hospital is proud to open its brand-new Infusion Center, a dedicated space providing local, comfortable care from familiar faces. Serving as the highlight of Phase 1 of the hospital’s renovation project, the Infusion Center builds on an already expansive list of outpatient services available in Rushville.

“The new Infusion Center will give us more space to do infusion treatments,” said Stevie Gray, RN, Oncology/Hematology Supervisor at Culbertson Memorial Hospital. “It’s connected to the hospital but has its own private entrance, so patients will not have to be in direct contact with other departments or patients in the hospital. Hours for treatments will be expanding for convenience based on the patient’s schedules.”

What services are offered at the new Infusion Center?

An infusion center is an outpatient clinic certified to administer infusion therapy, or the administration of medication and fluid through a needle or catheter. The Culbertson Memorial Hospital Infusion Center provides a wide range of infusion treatments, including screening, diagnostics, treatment, and counseling. Some procedures performed at the Infusion Center include:

In addition, the Infusion Center will provide PICC line placement in the future.

“We offer a wide range of the latest treatments in not only chemotherapy but immunotherapy as well, with supportive care during their course of treatment,” said Gray. “Additionally, our team works with patients and their support system to connect them with resources available outside the hospital for a holistic approach to care such as meal delivery, financial support, pharmaceutical assistance, and more.”

What are the benefits of the new Infusion Center?

The Infusion Center includes four semi-private and two private infusion bays, isolating infusion patients from others and redirecting unwanted traffic from immunocompromised patients. It also expands treatment options while adding more convenience for patients who would otherwise need to travel out of town.

“Patients are able to have most of their imaging done here in town along with their lab work while also being able to see the doctor and receive any type of treatment they need,” Gray said. “Patients from the surrounding areas will also be able to use the Infusion Center, cutting down on their travel to receive care.”

Until now, patients in Schuyler, Brown, Cass, and southern Fulton counties had to travel out of town to receive infusion therapy. Now, those same patients can receive that care from the medical team that knows them best, ensuring continuity of care between patients and their providers.

Our team is here to provide expert, compassionate care for all patients. To learn more, call (217) 322-4321.